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Monday, April 25, 2011

Indonesian Maids Say No To Men

HONG KONG - The debate over 'nature versus nurture' in regards to one's sexuality has long been unsettled to a conclusion. Nonetheless, nurture would appear as a better explanation for one major reason for the increasing trend of lesbianity among the community of Indonesian maids in Hong Kong - the lack of trust for men.

Ayu, an Indonesian maid described men to "always cheat with other women". Common stories of these Indonesian maids' boyfriends or husbands having had an affair with another women back in their hometown after they arrive in Hong Kong are widespread among this female community, which many have consequently developed a distrust for men in maintaining a faithful relationship.

According to Muthi Hidayati, a coordinator at the Indonesian Migrant Workers' Union (IMWU), up to 20 percent of Indonesian females currently working in Hong Kong are homosexuals. Among the clusters of Indonesian maids that congregate in Victoria Park during weekends, some appear in male-oriented clothes and express an amount of intimate affection with their peers. An Indonesian maid Christa explained that "some just dress like a man, but there are also those who have turned into lesbians." 

As this community group mainly interact within a female-only society, Ayu further points out that close bonds are naturally established between workmates and friends as "they could fully understand the similar situation they are in". For some, this type of comfort have gradually developed into a certain intimacy and later into lesbianism, considering that they are free from family and religious restrictions in Hong Kong.   

90 percent of the Indonesian population is Muslim where the religion plays a dominant role in society. Although homosexuality is not punishable by law, many Islamic leaders have expressed condemnation towards homosexuality. For many Indonesian maids who practice lesbianity in Hong Kong, the perception of homosexuality as a sin often causes a confusion of guilt and conflict between themselves, their families and also their home society.

Christa firmly concludes, "When they get back, most of them will become a girl again and get married to a man. They all do. They cannot choose."


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